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Down on the Farm at Waipu | North Shore Celebrant

Down on the Farm at Waipu


KISS: Keep It Simple, Simon” OR

How to do an economical  DIY wedding at home, down on the farm. To organise a simple wedding on the farm, you need the following items:

1x Clean Green Tractor                          Mounting Steps                                              12x Haybales on a trailer

1x  Stockyard with Macrocarpa wind screen. Decorate with bunting.
8x White electric fence standards with bows and white cordage to form an aisle.

8x sheets of orange plastic for fancy Seat Covers.

1x Dog. Molly the Collie rounded up the guests and herded them into the pen. No-one got away.
1 x Baby: Have a baby naming at the same time, it saves the grandparents coming back again later.

1x big brother with a cell phone and a boombox. Great little gadget.  2x rings: one big, one small.

2x Witnesses: good looking,  preferably. 3x pairs new boots: Bride’s, Groom’s and Baby boots.

1x Barn for the aftermatch. Scrubs up well, doesn’t it?

Some gorgeous flowers from MINT in Whangarei did the trick here.

Several Grandparents (you need one to drive the tractor, one to look after the baby, one to cry and take photos, one to give away the bride, another to pour the champagne). They worked hard.

The next door neighbours’ 4 little kids with buckets of rose petals raided from their mother’s garden. They scattered them on the aisle.

1x  Smart new frock that you can wear again

1x Keen Green Celebrant, blending into the background, who will give almost anything a go

1x Iced bin of Champagne & Beer
1x Card table and chair for signing the certificates
2x Rings

Some teenagers to help with the haybales.

Flowers-got them in your garden? No? Splash out on these. One bouquet, and one arrangement for the table. A Halo for your hair.

What a delightful day! The sun came out right on start time, the wind stopped blowing and everything went smoothly. Everybody there helped out, so by the time the ceremony was underway, the bride was starting to relax. Once the formalities were over, they started to enjoy the event. Everyone had a great time, making it a happy day that their whole family will remember for the rest of their lives.

Honeymoon? The groom had two days off milking. That’s a honeymoon.

Congratulations to Paul and Mackyla Tippett of Waipu, who “did it their way!”

Barbara Joy Johnson, December 2016